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Bengals Announce Partnership with Uber

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The partnership will launch Sunday, October 23 at the Bengals next home game against the Cleveland Browns. Bengals fans can request rides at the touch of a button, and those who are new to Uber can enjoy a free first ride (up to $15) by entering promo code BENGALS.

“Uber is teaming up with the Bengals to make sure a trip to and from Paul Brown Stadium is hassle free,” Uber Ohio General Manager James Ondrey said. “Bengals fans can skip the parking lot—just open the Uber app, push a button and get a ride.”

Den mother to the defense while her husband serves as captain, Anna, standing in a debris of nuts and bolts and boxes, has, quite naturally, been asked to be in charge of the construction of the rope portion of the obstacle course.

“An obstacle course is really a great thing. I think of my 12-year-old just getting tired going down a slide or running through the playground,” Anna says. “This is almost like a grown-up jungle gym. It’s one of the biggest ones we’ve done. I’m definitely going to bring the boys back here when it’s done. We try to get to everyone we’ve done.”

Around the rest of the league, it was a day of unlikely heroes emerging to lead the few owners they have to victory. Guys like Case Keenum, Marcus Mariota, Jay Ajayi, and Spencer Ware found themselves at, or near, the top of their respective positional rankings. It’s weeks like this that nobody can predict as upsets ruined not just NFL rankings, but fantasy football standings as well.

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Another injury has fantasy owners scurrying to the waiver wire to find a replacement, this time at the QB position. Ben Roethlisberger suffered a knee injury on Sunday, one that was later confirmed to be a torn meniscus. He already had meniscectomy surgery on Monday, so his recovery is underway. And to be clear, a meniscectomy is the surgical removal of all or part of a torn meniscus. It sounds a little more serious than it is (overall), with the recovery timetable being much shorter than for a full repair (Adrian Peterson).jersey

And playing tackle for the Bengals, Whitworth says, is a much more enormous challenge than most. He only has to look as far as himself and the two tackles that taught him the ropes, four-time Pro Bowl right tackle Willie Anderson, drafted 10 years before Whitworth, and left tackle Levi Jones, who should have gone to a couple of Pro Bowls before knee injuries cut short his career. Both the tenth pick in the draft. Both asked to block the good, the bad, and the ugly one-on-one.

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“What people don’t understand is there are different schemes. Here in Cincinnati, when you think of tackles you think of Willie Anderson and cheap jerseys and Levi Jones,” said Whitworth, who can make it a trinity. “We’re expected to block one-on-one. I say we’re like cover corners. We’re expected to block man-on-man.

“It’s very concerning,” admitted left tackle Andrew Whitworth after his offensive line mirrored the team and played its best game of the year in the first 37 minutes. “The reality is we’re behind the eight ball and guys have to put their heads down and they have to bring their best effort. You have to play your best every week now. You can’t give anything away. It’s a long road. I’ve been on both sides and in the middle of it. The mistakes have to stop.”

On many NFL Sundays, the mistakes could have been overcome. Not scoring from inside the 1 on fourth down. Two third-down penalties that translated into ten points. A holding call that wiped out a first down. But not this Sunday. Not against the deadly efficient Patriots and the lethal Brady in their cauldron of perfection, who turned the holding call into a crafty safety that ignited 15 points in 4:07 late in the third quarter.