Bill sign Reggie Bush to a 1-year contract

will work for the in the 2016 season and comes as a bench of LeSean McCoy.

Bill signed Reggie Bush because the team’s substituted second-year running back Karlos Williams violated the league’s drugs policies, and as a result, he does not in the list of the great team due to a four-game suspension.

Reggie Bush

It is hard to believe Bush, whose performance has always been unsatisfactory since he entered the NFL, will have any outstanding action. He spent his best season in the New Orleans Saints as a wide receiver in the tactical system of Sean Peyton.

Previously, Bush participated in total 16 games when he played for the Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers, but in the last season, he had no chance to play due to the injuries, during the time of his career in the Los Angeles Rams.