Brady: Garoppolo has gained each person respect

Jimmy Garoppolo has gained the most important players respect.

When the Patriots are preparing for the games which Tom Brady is suspended, Brady said about Garoppolo that:” He tried to prepare, I know he’s got everyone’s respect. This is your trying to do, you came to the team effort and is ready to get teammates and coaches respect, you have to put in,” Brady added.” You have to show you are willing to appear in the training field every day and try to complete the work.”

Jimmy Garoppolo

Garoppolo is on the arduous task at the start of the season, and he will lead the Patriots to face the Arizona Cardinals in the season opener, which will follow games against the Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills and Houston Texas – the four teams are expected to have above average defense line.

But Brady believes the Patriots and Garoppolo will ready for the challenge. “He has grown with a lot of fun,” Brady said. “We had a good start, we hope to keep going. We have three days before our next game against the Chicago Bears, this is a good opportunity for us. We have to take advantage of these times, we hope to become more powerful than we now after the training and the final game on Thursday night.”

The second and third preseason game will provide a larger sample of whether Garoppolo is ready to participate in the regular season. But Brady and his teammates supported him is a good thing.