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Halftime hurry-up helps Nugent beat Jets

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Lewis’ message appeared to get across to his locker room. Reporters on Monday quoted the player penalized on the last snap, cornerback Adam Jones, saying “I ain’t talking about Pittsburgh.” That was a play marred by jagged edges of emotion as well as the NFL later saying the officials blew the call when Steelers assistant coach Joey Porter stalked the Bengals huddle illegally, which is what Jones was objecting when he got a personal foul that gave the Steelers the win.

“You don’t need to remember. In terms of like game plan wise, we’re watching film to see what they did well in the last game and the previous games,” said safety George Iloka. “It’s a division game. You already know what it brings, whether it’s the Ravens, Steelers or Browns. All those games are tough and physical. The only thing we can take away from the last game were things schematic wise that they might try to hit us with the things that we need to correct. But nothing in terms of vendettas or anything like that.”

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“I think the first game is different. I won’t use any kind of excuse that way, win or lose. In the first game, there’s a little more unknown. It’s good that it happens on both sides, all three phases, for both teams. They face unexpected things. It’s then your rules and how you adjust and understand as you move forward each and wholesale jerseys and every series.
“The other part of it is, you go in with certain goals. We took care of the football yesterday; one turnover. That’s big in those kind of games. We didn’t win the field position battle, but that’s something that’s important to do. We didn’t win the third-down battle. We overcame some of those things by making explosive plays that really helped win the football game. We also limited theirs, on the other side.”wholesale jerseys

Rich Cimini of ESPN New offers a great look at each Green catch on Sunday and notes that Revis lined up over Green on 52 of 54 snaps. On the last play, a third-and-13 from the Bengals 40 that almost had Cincinnati in four-down territory, Cimini has Green slanting, then veering outside to create separation for the catch, and then Revis missing the tackle.

Heading into Sunday’s game in Pittsburgh (1 p.m.-Cincinnati’s Channel 12), Green leads all NFL receivers. But not by much. The Saints’ Willie Snead, an undrafted free agent out of Ball State a few years back, put up 172 yards on Sunday.

It’s the second straight year that the Bengals have pulled that off. Last season in week five, the Bengals forced overtime against Seattle when Dalton was tackled on a third down scramble with :17 remaining and Nugent was able to kick a 31-yard field goal as time expired. He later booted a 42-yard kick to beat the Seahawks in OT.

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“When I saw Boyd go down, I was like, ‘We just did this less than a year ago so we should be able to do it again,’” said Nugent. “It was a great job by the guys and I have to give Coach Lewis and Darrin credit because that’s not something that we overlook. We actually practiced it this week.”

“I look at that Pittsburgh loss and say the reality is that we fought ourselves back into the playoffs to win a football game. I think this team has its ups and downs, but you find a way to win the game. That’s all that matters. That was very much the same feel right here. We had to make a comeback in the end and defense had to make a stop. That’s what you want to do to win football games in the league.”

New Bengals offensive coordinator Ken Zampese also showed what’s old is new again. For those who wanted to know if Zampese would keep the creativity he helped develop under Hue Jackson, Zampese gave you a steady diet of unbalanced lines and a few tackles wide.

“It just shows how poised he is. That guy is always smiling,” Green said after watching Dalton sacked a career-high seven times. “You can see how much he has grown from when we first got here until now. He’s so confident, he’s having fun, he knows what we have to do, he knows what kind of offense we have to put in to go score. That guy is one of the best. I’m telling you that because I’ve been dealing with him for six years and I’ve seen his level of play rise so high and today was another proof.”

But isn’t this more proof that Green not only dominates but defies? Even Revis seemed stunned in the fourth quarter when Green caught the back end of the ball as he dove into the sideline with a 32-yard catch that Dalton threw in such a way Green could shield himself from Revis.