Patriots releases the veteran Terrence Knighton

will not be served in the in the new season.

According to Knighton, the Patriots and the veteran went their separate ways on this Monday. And it’s also the day of the teams’ first wave of layoffs, so they need to cut down the players of the line-up from 90 to 75 before this Tuesday 4 p.m.

Terrence Knighton

Knighton had foreseen today’s encounter when he did not attend the preseason game against the Carolina Panthers.

“You’re always concerned when you’re not playing,” he said, via “I prepared myself to play, the coaches made the decisions on who they wanted to play, and I’m not going to ask any questions or make any excuses or look for any explanation. I’m just going to get dressed, get back on the plane and see what happens.”

This is the second time in recent years that the Patriots release the known veteran after signing him with a certain degree of guaranteed income contract (Reggie Wayne in 2015). Knighton has made about $650,000. He will earn more than that he was released two weeks later.

Knighton seemed to be an obvious replacement of Vince Wilfork. With few true nose tackles in the NFL operating with such success, Knighton had his pick of a few teams this offseason and ended up choosing the Patriots over his former team, the Washington Redskins.